Glimpse is proud to partner with world renowned "Pathway Fit" to offer an amazing DNA program just for you. You are unique and we believe your diet, fitness, and nutrition program should be as well. This one time test will tell you who you are and what you can do to maximize your potential. It gives you insight into what makes you crave foods, why losing weight can be a challenge, and what genetic predispositions you might have. You will never look at dieting the same way again.
Pathway Fit Offers a Comprehensive Analysis of:


  • Diet - What is the right "fuel" for your specific DNA

  • Eating Behaviors - Predisposition to certain behaviors that can lead to obesity

  • Food Reactions - Body's response to certain foods

  • Nutritional Needs - Likelihood of having lower levels of   important vitamins

  • Exercise - What type of exercise is most beneficial

  • Your Body and Weight - Predisposition for obesity

  • Metabolic Health Factors - Likelihood of developing certain health factors or conditions