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IDL Gene Testing
We offer IDL Gene Testing for Stage 1 cancer screening. Men can get their prostate checked, and both men and women can get their lungs and colons checked with this screening service. This screening is crucial to early detection, and can save your life.
Did you know:
• 63% of patients with colorectal cancer are not diagnosed until stage III or stage IV metastatic cancer
• Lung cancer is the most common cancer in men and 4th most common cancer in women
• Lung cancer is usually only detected as symptoms appear, when the disease is in its latest stages
• As men age, their prostate cells undergo changes in shape and size that may lead to cancer
Early detection of these deadly cancers will put you earlier on the road to beating these diseases....
Prostate cancer screening
Our IDL testing can offer a 71% diagnostic accuracy rate for prostate cancer risk. This simple, non-invasive blood test is three times more specific than PSA in detecting prostate cancer. Unlike conventional tests, this test preferentially detects more aggressive, potentially life-threatening cancers that require treatment. This test also reduces unnecessary biopsies by 26%.
Lung cancer screening
Because lung cancer isn't usually detected until after a person experiences symptoms, it is a very deadly disease. Our screening test is a simple blood test that can detect elevated levels of antibodies even before a person will be experiencing symptoms. If lung cancer is detected at stages 1 or 2, survival rates triple. Our blood test also eliminates the radiation exposure that a typical CT scan would bring.
Colorectal cancer screening
Colorectal cancer is a highly treatable form of cancer, if detected and treated early. Our simple blood test measures the expression of specific gene biomarkers in the blood that are early warning signs of colon cancer. If we find that your risks are high, you should have a colonoscopy screening. Knowing your risk can save your life. Our blood test doesn't require fasting or special preparations, and is non-invasive.
If you have a family history of any of these cancers, these tests could help put your mind at ease, or possibly save your life.
Call today to find out more about any of these potentially life-saving screenings.
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